All the Creative Ideas Bouncing Around in My Head!


I hardly ever drink regular coffee anymore, because 1) it makes me anxious, and 2) it does the opposite of helping me focus. That is to say, it fuels all the creativity energy just waiting to be used, and I end up like I am today: unable to concentrate or work because my brain is full of creative projects I want to work on right now. So I decided it might help to share those ideas, or at least write them down. Maybe if I acknowledge them, they’ll ease up on the persistent nudging.


Short story collection, Grimbestil’s Curiosities and Antiques

Novella, The Time Children

Children’s fantasy, The Quixotic Quest; or, the Tale of Three Anomalies

Short story, “Thirteen Uses for an Orphan”



An illuminated fantasy map, inscribed with the story of that land

A coloring book of my abstract designs

An anime-style portrait in charcoal

A digitally-designed mandala, like the ones I’ve previously done, but with color



A quilt made with fabric from old clothes (a friend of mine long ago used to do this, and I’ve been inspired ever since)

A crocheted afghan in granny squares with autumn colors


I’ve already started work on some of these projects, and at the moment I’m struggling to concentrate because I really really really want to keep working on them. Or start them, as in the case of the map and the quilt. So many things to write and draw and make, but so little time!


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