Book Recommendations

Here you will find recommendations based on my favorite books and on recent discoveries I’ve made in the realm of literature.

The Wonderling, by Mira Bartok

As I listened to the first few chapters of this book, I thought, what on earth is this story. Chronicling the life and adventures of a certain Groundling referred to as Number 13, Bartok’s novel is unique. Why? For one thing, because most of the characters in her work are half-animal and half-human, otherwise known as Groundlings. Number 13 is an unexpectedly intriguing combination of human and fox. He has only one ear, but that ear can hear hundreds of small sounds that other creatures would miss, such as mice running in the walls. The main character is odd enough, but as his background and circumstances are revealed in the first few chapters, the story comes across as even odder. But, I have to say, it’s worth it. Bartok’s novel is also unique in that, for all its half-human characters, it captures a surprisingly great deal of human nature. I found the book quite moving and lovely, from the author’s style of writing to the relationships she depicts. I definitely recommend it, and should mention that it can be found on Audible.

The League of Beastly Dreadfuls, by Holly Grant.