Stories in Progress

Here you will find updates and announcements of the writing projects I currently have going.

Novel: The Jeopardous Journey; or, The Tale of Three Anomalies (genre: Children’s Fiction/Fantasy)

Life is awful for the twins Aster and Andre Gwinn, but it didn’t used to be. Once upon a time, they had excursions to the park for picnics, or had cake after dinner, or spent Saturday morning watching cartoons in their pajamas. Once upon a time, the Gwinn family and the house they lived in were both happy. But now things are different. Now their heartless aunt is in charge, their father never leaves his study to see them, and they haven’t had enough breakfast in who knows how long. The twins certainly don’t. But they do know that something seems wrong. When Andre and Aster come to the conclusion that someone else is writing their story for them, they resolve to find out who it is. Things are further complicated when a down-on-his-luck burglar burgles their house, only to find there’s nothing worth stealing. The three of them set out to locate their author of all their stories and to put things right. But innumerable obstacles stand in their path and time is running out. If they don’t find the author in time, all hope goes down the drain and they’ll be stuck in their miserable story forever.

Story: “The Witch and the Golden Spoon”

A peculiar fairytale-like story about a boy who must find a way to stop being a stone statue in order to save someone he cares about.

Story: “Silver in the Veins”

A girl named Jill Shaw finds herself in a curious and subtly-nightmarish world where evil lurks just under the surface of everything.