I Just Want to Drink Tea, Make Things, and Sleep

Drawing is my natural state of being. And now, writing is too. Profuse thoughts of things to create, whether through words, yarn, or pencil, are always percolating in my mind. Oh, I think, as I sit at work not succeeding in my attempt to concentrate, I could practice drawing dogs! I could write the next chapter of my children’s book! I could bake blueberry scones! I could try a cool new crochet pattern! This, reader, is just a glimpse into my daily life. Needless to say, functioning as a regular adult who does regular adult things, like working a full-time job, is somewhat hampered by this constant stream. Thus, the title of this post.

When I say “drink tea,” I mean, imbibe at least three cups a day, preferably some sort of black tea (such as Earl Grey or English Afternoon) with sugar and milk. Mind you, I used to be an avid coffee-drinker. Avid in this case means two cups a day at least, sometimes black. But then I discovered coffee’s side effects and did my best to switch to tea, at least primarily. I still have the occasional latte or cappuccino. Tea is a necessary element of whatever creative session I have. Oh, and don’t forget the buttered toast, or digestive biscuits, or Kedem tea biscuits. 🙂

When I say “make things,” I mean, make ALL the things. New ideas of creative endeavors are constantly demanding my attention. I would rather create something than do pretty much anything else. Besides cuddle corgis, of course. Or watch anime. But then again, watching a show while crocheting, for instance, is quite the happy pastime for me, which is convenient. (And in case you’re wondering, yes, I love anime. I entertained a rather serious obsession with it, for a while. I’ve managed to tone it down a little now.)

And when I say “sleep,” I mean, sleep as much as possible, given all the other things I want to do. Sleep for me is a bit of a puzzle. You see, given my way, I would probably stay up considerably later than is good for me in order to read, or watch a show, or keep hooking away at my latest blanket. A couple of years ago, I would stay up in the dark to watch whichever latest anime had arrested me until I couldn’t stay awake a moment longer. This usually happened around 2 or 2:30 AM, at least at the height of this proclivity. On the other hand, I struggle daily with getting out of bed. Unlike some people (my husband, for instance), I have absolutely no trouble going back to sleep once I’m awake. I have been known to get up at 8, putter around a little as my man traipses off to work, then return to bed and sleep, even dream, until noon. Terrible habit, I know. That phase of my life is over for now (the sleeping until noon bit) but I can’t seem to shake the horrible weight of drowsiness that clings to me in the morning. Every day I wake up and wish desperately that I could continue to sleep. Sleep is a such an escape for me. Anxiety is far less likely to attack me while I lie in bed.

That, readers, is a brief glimpse of my modus operandi.

Oh, and Storystorm 2018 is officially over! I gathered 31 ideas in 31 days and am fairly proud of myself. Now to read through my ideas and choose a few to flesh out.


4 thoughts on “I Just Want to Drink Tea, Make Things, and Sleep

  1. This post inspired me, and that is saying a lot, because usually nothing was inspiring. It reminds me of myself, I used to LOVE creating things, I think it’s the purpose of life really. I want to get back at it, one thing at a time 😀 so thanks! I also have a blog on my struggles and life, if you want to check it out, it’s called Tabula Rasa.


  2. Reblogged this on EluminoraCreations and commented:

    Today’s post is one I wrote about a year and a half ago but which is just as true of me today as it was then. I thought I would share it now, as it seemed to be helpful for me to write and for others to read. I’m always glad when I can encourage someone.


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