All the Creative Ideas Bouncing Around in My Head!

I hardly ever drink regular coffee anymore, because 1) it makes me anxious, and 2) it does the opposite of helping me focus. That is to say, it fuels all the creativity energy just waiting to be used, and I end up like I am today: unable to concentrate or work because my brain is … Continue reading All the Creative Ideas Bouncing Around in My Head!

Stitchin’ Saturday #2

In case you missed the first Stitchin' Saturday post, I've started doing this theme every Saturday (at least, that's my plan, but it doesn't always happen), thanks to the lovely Blinking Cat. Pieces Finished None, unfortunately, but I'm about to finish one. The baby blanket pictured above in the right corner just needs its ends … Continue reading Stitchin’ Saturday #2

Stitchin’ Saturday #1

The idea for today's post comes from Blinking Cat, who let me borrow her idea for Stitchin' Saturday. I meant to post on this theme a couple of weeks ago, but life got in the way. So here I am now, posting about my current crochet projects. Thank you to Blinking Cat for the inspiration! … Continue reading Stitchin’ Saturday #1