Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner–Double Sight

flight-airport-airplane-plane-34631 pixel photo

flight-airport-airplane-plane-34631 pixel photo

In the warm darkness, Jove took stock of his surroundings. The sound of his own breathing, the taste of stale air, the sting where broken glass had cut his hands. With his eyes covered, at least it was peaceful.

A shattering of glass pierced the silence. His heartbeat escalated into a gallop. Maybe he wasn’t alone after all. He felt around the corner of the wall and slid the blindfold up his forehead. Squinting around in the pale light, he saw nothing. Then the torment started. Past and present, fused into one tangled picture. Traveler upon traveler, striding by, against the backdrop­­ of the way things used to be, before darkness swept through and reduced the airport to ruins. Shaking, he pulled the covering back over his eyes. His book was waiting where he left it. He imagined his namesake staring out from the cover, safe in a world of gods and heroes.

“I found you.”

Jove’s stomach knotted. He yanked his blindfold away.

“You don’t have to be afraid.” A man was standing a few feet from him. Jove realized that this time, he was seeing only the present. “I usually go by Pluto. Please, come with me.”

199 words


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