Stream of Consciousness and Throwback Thursday #16

Photo by SHTTEFAN on Unsplash

Gah, I really need to get back into a regular writing schedule. As I write this post, I am sitting at the counter in a coffee shop, sipping an iced coffee and watching the world go by. This morning I woke up with a spark of inspiration to write today, but as often happens, once I sit down with the intent to write I don’t know where to start. Since I missed Throwback Thursday I thought I might catch up on that today.

I didn’t mean for this post to be a stream-of-consciousness, but that’s what it’s turning out to be. I have developed the helpful ability to type without looking at the keyboard, (or at least mostly so) which means I can look out the window and type at the same time. Next door to this place there’s a beer garden festival thingy, so there are more people passing by than usual. Lots of dogs! I love watching the dogs go by.

Anyway. Back to my Throwback Thursday piece. This one is only a couple of years old, and I don’t remember exactly in what direction I meant to take it. I think maybe it’s supposed to relate to a book idea I was developing.


First impression on waking up: cold damp darkness.

Second impression: back of head throbbing like a giant had used it as a punching block.

The third impression? That was the worst. My hands and ankles were stuck together and I couldn’t move. For someone who can’t not move, it felt like being suffocated, only a little less bad. I needed to think. And I always had to fidget with something when I was thinking. But whatever I was bound with kept me from doing that. I tried to wiggle a finger or two. It worked. I kept wiggling and prayed desperately for an idea. Even a glimmer of one. Something!

Minutes passed. Nothing. Still the same old darkness, same damp, same claustrophobic feeling. My brain felt completely out of the loop. My hands and feet were rapidly turning numb. I couldn’t tell where I was or even how long I’d been there; there was no light in the room, if it was a room. It might’ve been a well or a…I didn’t know what. I realized suddenly that even in the darkness I could sense things. Taking deep breaths of the stale air, I sent out the feelers.

Four walls, one pretty close behind me and another to my right. An old place, kind of rotten and smelly if I thought about it, which I was trying not to. Definitely damp; it might’ve been near water, or under water. Or just old. I couldn’t tell. But I could tell that there was no way I could get out by myself.


So there you go. Thanks for reading, as always!



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