Short Poem for Quadrille #98: Peel

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels. Inspired by dVerse's prompt Quadrille #98.   Her skin is peeling away. It won’t stay   Patched into a haphazard face; In the space   Between fingers corrodes the skin, Worn too thin,   Exposing minute veins of red Among the dead.   Her mortal landscape splits and frays As the worn-out … Continue reading Short Poem for Quadrille #98: Peel

Wordle from Matthew Arnold’s Poem Dover Beach

I created this Wordle to take part in Mindlovemisery's Bonus Wordle challenge. The words are generated from Matthew Arnold's famous poem "Dover Beach," which you can read here. Maybe I'll find some inspiration through this exercise.   ~H

The sestina I said I would write

Two posts ago I set the goal of writing a sestina. Well, I'm happy to say I wrote one! This might seem like a silly victory, but I'm proud of myself for writing even though I haven't had the motivation lately to do so. But not only did I write the poem I said I … Continue reading The sestina I said I would write

Into the Snow #whatpegmansaw

Prompt: 100 words (I forgot that I could write up to 150 words) The force sucked Andrew through the circle of blue fire and into deep snow. He landed face-first. “Ppptthb!” he gasped, staggering to his feet and brushing snow off his cotton pajamas. Why hadn’t he worn something warmer to bed? And then … Continue reading Into the Snow #whatpegmansaw

Flash Fiction: Chisel

Photo by Kevin Jackson on Unsplash Prompt: 99 words Her mouth is the last thing to chisel into existence. He does not know why he left it until the end, when all the rest of her is already finished. Perhaps she does not need a mouth. The smooth plain where it should be intrigues him. But she … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Chisel

Throwback Thursday #19

I just now realized that it's been two months since I posted here. A lot has happened in the intervening time--I have a nice new job, for one thing--but my focus tonight is to get back into blogging. I miss blogging. It's a good, no, great way for me to write daily and to learn … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #19

My Harvest

Written for Word Prompt Wednesday.   I am harvesting the seeds sown as a child From thumbholes in the bare earth, each miniscule body Buried in them, and abandoned.   Not neglected, though. My thoughts coaxed them Leaf-curling and persistent, from crevices Not sealed after all.   But last night—in the turned-away gaze of the … Continue reading My Harvest

When Your Imagination Surprises You What do you do when your imagination surprises you? Today I was browsing my wordpress feed, looking for inspiration for flash fiction (which I haven't written in a while), and for some reason, my imagination's response to every prompt was to conjure up something unexpectedly dark and a bit alarming. Anyone who knows me … Continue reading When Your Imagination Surprises You

Riding the Bus on a Sunny Afternoon

Photo Credit: Anurag Bakhshi 200 words Delightfully sunny, that's what the bus driver had called it. Sunlight made her nauseated, and the blue sky--well, frankly it was painful to look at. Wednesday curled further into her window seat and brooded. What if she poisoned everyone? After all, she would rather ride in a hearse. The … Continue reading Riding the Bus on a Sunny Afternoon

A Discovery in the Snow, Part III

Photo by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash I realize it's been over a month since I last posted, but I hope to post more frequently beginning today. For starters, here's the next installment of my multiple-part story "A Discovery in the Snow." Part of the idea for this story comes from this prompt. You can read the previous installments … Continue reading A Discovery in the Snow, Part III