I Just Registered for Storystorm 2020!

Here we go! ~H

Writing Blahs

I am not in the mood for writing today. I don't know exactly what kind of mood I'm in, but it's a not-doing-things kind of mood. Somewhere in the depths of my mind I had a plan to write a nice flash fiction piece based on a prompt, post it, and revel in the likes … Continue reading Writing Blahs

My Return and a New Goal

Well, friends. Last week I was absent from blogging because I had a deadline on Sunday evening, and I was working to finish editing the four stories I intended to send in. One of them was fresh, and the other three consisted of half-stories I had started and wanted to finish. The deadline definitely helped. … Continue reading My Return and a New Goal

Some Words on My Creative Process

Years ago, I told one of my college roommates about the creature churning inside my head. I was talking about what it’s like to feel an idea coiling up from the depths of my brain, ready to burst forth by means of my pen or fingers on the keyboard. She looked at me like I … Continue reading Some Words on My Creative Process

Updates and Writing Rituals

Today has a 100% chance of rain forecasted where I live, which means that it's the perfect day to curl up indoors with a cup of tea and write. Unfortunately, rain does not hold up my regular work schedule, however much I wish it would. Fortunately, I can still somehow manage to fit in a … Continue reading Updates and Writing Rituals