Throwback Thursday #30–Short Story

Photo by Yuliya Ilkovych from Pexels. Here for Throwback Thursday I have a short piece I wrote exactly six years ago. At the time I had set myself the goal of writing at least 500 words each day in the summer that I could manage it, and this was one of the results. *** The window is cold … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #30–Short Story

The Prince’s Banishment (FFfAW Challenge)

Photo credit: Yinglan FFfAW Challenge The hollow perfectly fit Terragon's weak body. By moonset, nothing of him would remain. Death had been nipping at his wings since yesterday. He had barely outwitted that ravenous crow. And now, huddled in a hollow of the ground, he was ready to die. Out here, that was the way … Continue reading The Prince’s Banishment (FFfAW Challenge)

The Demon (FFfAW Challenge)

I had waited for this moment for weeks; but now, of course, I was paralyzed. Paralyzed with what, exactly? Dread, I decided. And fascination. "You can look. Just don't get too close." Allen stretched out his hand toward me. His fingers were curled around a fiercely glowing object about the size and shape of one … Continue reading The Demon (FFfAW Challenge)

Levi, Wounded

A quick tid-bit written in response to The Daily Post's prompt "loophole." (You can find the post here.) “I said I wouldn’t kill you. I never said I’d let you live.” I could barely hear his words. My consciousness was slipping away. My blood was slipping away too, soaking through the shoulder of my ripped … Continue reading Levi, Wounded

The Prince and the Tramp

The title of this post is also the title of a very short little story that I wrote several years ago and just rediscovered. At the time I wrote the piece below, I was part of a writing group that met every weekend to write, discuss ideas, and laugh a lot. I had totally forgotten … Continue reading The Prince and the Tramp