Throwback Thursday #36: Sebastian Becomes a Ghost

Photo by John Silliman on Unsplash. For today's Throwback Thursday story, I'm sharing something I wrote in January of 2008. I was only seventeen when I wrote this story, so I can say pretty confidently that I've improved in the past eleven-or-so years.  The moon was shining full on the house of Sedgewick, but no one noticed it, … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #36: Sebastian Becomes a Ghost

The Dangerous Euphoria of “Likes”

Confession time: in the past few days I've been obsessively checking and refreshing my page to see if I've gotten any more likes or comments. Even one more would give me the brief, euphoric feeling that yes, someone does in fact appreciate what's recently emerged from my imagination. I feel, for a few seconds, recognized … Continue reading The Dangerous Euphoria of “Likes”

Too Many Ideas and Not Enough Time

Right now, I have a bunch of posts sitting in my Likes folder because they've sparked some sort of story idea and I want to keep track of the prompts. The problem is, I don't know which idea to develop, and even if I did, I wouldn't have time to work on it. I have … Continue reading Too Many Ideas and Not Enough Time

I Just Want to Drink Tea, Make Things, and Sleep

Today’s post is one I wrote about a year and a half ago but which is just as true of me today as it was then. I thought I would share it now, as it seemed to be helpful for me to write and for others to read. I’m always glad when I can encourage someone.


Drawing is my natural state of being. And now, writing is too. Profuse thoughts of things to create, whether through words, yarn, or pencil, are always percolating in my mind. Oh, I think, as I sit at work not succeeding in my attempt to concentrate, I could practice drawing dogs! I could write the next chapter of my children’s book! I could bake blueberry scones! I could try a cool new crochet pattern! This, reader, is just a glimpse into my daily life. Needless to say, functioning as a regular adult who does regular adult things, like working a full-time job, is somewhat hampered by this constant stream. Thus, the title of this post.

When I say “drink tea,” I mean, imbibe at least three cups a day, preferably some sort of black tea (such as Earl Grey or English Afternoon) with sugar and milk. Mind you, I used to…

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Throwback Thursday #32–Short Story: A Ghost Story

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash. Again, I find that I'm late in posting my Throwback Thursday story. Ah well. Life happens. Today I have something I wrote about seven years ago in the summer. At the time I was hosting a regular writing group in my dorm on campus and I first posted this story on the … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #32–Short Story: A Ghost Story

Flash Fiction: Five Children #RDP

There were five of them, Victor with feathers for hair and a toothy smile, Agnes with skin white as milk, Philippa whose footsteps couldn’t be heard, and then of course Emil and Oliver. Emil could be a beast, and Oliver—well, he was the worst of them, and also the baby. It was Oliver’s day to … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Five Children #RDP

My New Book: The Time Children

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash. Two days ago, I started writing a new story. Not flash fiction this time, or even a short story, but a book. One that has been growing and morphing in my mind for a while now and which I finally decided I should go ahead and start on, even if the story … Continue reading My New Book: The Time Children

Throwback Thursday #28–Short Story: An Excess of Eggs

Photo by Marcus Cramer on Unsplash. An Excess of Eggs In which a youngish failure of a wizard and a runaway get into all sorts of scrapes. Being a wizard had it perks, but cooking wasn’t among them. No matter how hard the wizard tried to produce something edible, all he ever came up with by way of … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #28–Short Story: An Excess of Eggs

Poem: “I am not how you perceive”

Photo by Simon Buchou on Unsplash. Written for the Word of the Day Challenge and dVerse Poets' Pub.   I am not how you perceive. If you find me as I wake, you will see I am made of aether undulating upward to the sky: fog over a lake-bed at dawn. The fog and I slip past you; … Continue reading Poem: “I am not how you perceive”

Throwback Thursday #25–In the Room

Photo by Teddy Kelley on Unsplash I wrote this bit about six and a half years ago for a writing assignment but ended up writing and submitting a story I liked better. This one has stayed hidden away until now. *** In humble tribute to the poet James Thomson The ghost, who was not a fellow to presume … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #25–In the Room