Chapter 3

Photo by Lee Miller on Unsplash   “Right here,” said Nick, pointing, “this is where I woke up.” The tide had long since washed away the impression his body made, but he could still feel the sand in his mouth and the cold damp seeping into his thin clothes as he lay. The others looked … Continue reading Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Photo by Lee Miller on Unsplash The carpet smelled of dust. Nick buried the resulting sneeze in his borrowed sheet and sat up on the air mattress, gazing around into the dark. A shaft of moonlight cut through the gloom and illuminated the end of Levi’s bed, a small mountain range darker than the rest … Continue reading Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Photo by Lee Miller on Unsplash   Nick held his breath, watching the others, trying to read their faces. Enoch’s was a potent swirl of murderous intent and barely-masked terror. His fingers twitched, unable to keep still. He had been in the middle of putting on a particularly violent battle with his figurines. By now … Continue reading Chapter 1

Friday Fictioneers–Snow Sulky

Word count: 100 "Ugh, it's so pretty," grumbled Edwina at the window. "It needs something. Maybe gravestones." Edric, her twin, looked up from his book. "What's so pretty?" "The landscape, of course! It's disgusting." "Hmm." "You're not listening. Do you ever do anything but read?" "Don't be stupid." "Then can't you change all...that?" "Come on, I'm not that … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers–Snow Sulky

The Finding

Here's a short, rough piece I hammered out with a burst of inspiration. It's related to the concept of a novel that's been trapped in my head for years. The dead boy hung suspended by his arms at one end of the stone chamber, illuminated by three burning candles. Argent Pyrnemus leaned back against the … Continue reading The Finding