Short Poem for Quadrille #98: Peel

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels. Inspired by dVerse's prompt Quadrille #98.   Her skin is peeling away. It won’t stay   Patched into a haphazard face; In the space   Between fingers corrodes the skin, Worn too thin,   Exposing minute veins of red Among the dead.   Her mortal landscape splits and frays As the worn-out … Continue reading Short Poem for Quadrille #98: Peel

Serpent’s Tail Poem: my first attempt at it

Photo by NASA on Unsplash. Inspired by the Sunday Whirl #443 and Jane Dougherty's serpent's tail form. @Jane Dougherty, remember how weeks ago, I said I wanted to try your form? Well, here it is! I took a couple of liberties with it, based on how the poem was flowing.   Upon the currents of the air, Bare … Continue reading Serpent’s Tail Poem: my first attempt at it

Poem in the Style of Poe and Swinburne for Throwback Thursday #40

Photo by Austin Prock on Unsplash. As I indicated in the title of this post, the poem below was written in the style of Algernon Charles Swinburne, specifically his poem "The Garden of Proserpine" (which you can read here). Obviously I'm emulating Poe here as well. Oh, and I wrote this poem over ten years ago. I stood … Continue reading Poem in the Style of Poe and Swinburne for Throwback Thursday #40

Poem for RDP Wednesday: Blast

This is how I'm feeling this afternoon. A small adjustment in my regular medication is messing with my head, and since I needed to write anyway, I wrote about it.   Disconnected now I spiral out, where phantom zephyrs blow,   Driving my life-line Beyond my deadened grasp; I am resigned   To drift here … Continue reading Poem for RDP Wednesday: Blast

Untitled Poem for Wordle 422

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash. Written for The Sunday Whirl.   What if I could Preserve myself between the pages of a book As one might press a flower, with the wood Stacked up on top; what if I took The scribbled sheets And laid them o'er myself, as if in bed And tucked myself within the … Continue reading Untitled Poem for Wordle 422

Two Untitled Poems for Throwback Thursday #33

Photo by pedram ahmadi on Unsplash. I wrote these two poems a little over ten years ago and recently rediscovered them while browsing through an old notebook of mine. You can probably guess where I get a lot of my inspiration from...(hint: he's haunted by a talking raven.) *** After Elinor Wylie. One night I lay sleeping-- My … Continue reading Two Untitled Poems for Throwback Thursday #33

Throwback Thursday #31–Poem: Summer’s Bride

Photo by Filip Zrnzević on Unsplash. For my (late) Throwback Thursday post, I'm sharing a ballad I wrote nine years ago. At the time I had been reading a wide variety of poems and was having fun playing with forms. This form is based on that of a standard ballad. In my notes for this poem I wrote … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #31–Poem: Summer’s Bride

Object Poem #WednesdayWritingPrompt

Written for   I keep your life together In the tiniest of ways; Unnoticed I continue, ‘til I snap and flee one day—   And then you miss me human, then! My trailing threads betray How hard I fastened life together In my own silent ways.   ~H    

Incantation (NaPoWriMo)

After Elinor Wylie's poem.  Photo by Vincent Botta on Unsplash   A coal black eye In a chalky face Sees the puddled ink drown A bone-white space,   And black words hiss From the page, “it is done,” While dark spots stain A white-hot sun   And dark billows crawl ‘Cross an ashen sky Reflecting the murk Within … Continue reading Incantation (NaPoWriMo)

Two Poems for Throwback Thursday

Today's Throwback Thursday post consists of two poems I wrote in the winter of 2009. At that time, I wrote in a notebook every day and read three poems before going to bed every night. The result was I wrote lots of poems, most of which have never been read by anyone but me. Here … Continue reading Two Poems for Throwback Thursday