The Dangerous Euphoria of “Likes”

Confession time: in the past few days I've been obsessively checking and refreshing my page to see if I've gotten any more likes or comments. Even one more would give me the brief, euphoric feeling that yes, someone does in fact appreciate what's recently emerged from my imagination. I feel, for a few seconds, recognized … Continue reading The Dangerous Euphoria of “Likes”

Too Many Ideas and Not Enough Time

Right now, I have a bunch of posts sitting in my Likes folder because they've sparked some sort of story idea and I want to keep track of the prompts. The problem is, I don't know which idea to develop, and even if I did, I wouldn't have time to work on it. I have … Continue reading Too Many Ideas and Not Enough Time

I Just Want to Drink Tea, Make Things, and Sleep

Today’s post is one I wrote about a year and a half ago but which is just as true of me today as it was then. I thought I would share it now, as it seemed to be helpful for me to write and for others to read. I’m always glad when I can encourage someone.


Drawing is my natural state of being. And now, writing is too. Profuse thoughts of things to create, whether through words, yarn, or pencil, are always percolating in my mind. Oh, I think, as I sit at work not succeeding in my attempt to concentrate, I could practice drawing dogs! I could write the next chapter of my children’s book! I could bake blueberry scones! I could try a cool new crochet pattern! This, reader, is just a glimpse into my daily life. Needless to say, functioning as a regular adult who does regular adult things, like working a full-time job, is somewhat hampered by this constant stream. Thus, the title of this post.

When I say “drink tea,” I mean, imbibe at least three cups a day, preferably some sort of black tea (such as Earl Grey or English Afternoon) with sugar and milk. Mind you, I used to…

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Tonight I Have the Urge to Write, But…

Nighttime is and has been consistently my best writing time. When it's dark out and I'm winding down, my inner editor seems to wind down as well and I feel freer and more able to write. Some of my best poems have been written while sleepless at 2 AM and many of my story ideas … Continue reading Tonight I Have the Urge to Write, But…

Throwback Thursday #22

I often feel the need to write about the topic of the unpredictable imagination. My brain often surprises and even alarms me with the things it pulls out of itself, and it can be helpful to process my reaction through blogging about it. Today's Throwback Thursday post, written about a year ago, is an example. … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #22

Sticks in the Yard

It's a beautiful autumn day, the kind where the sky's blue looks fake and the wind turns each brilliant-hued tree into a confetti party. A little girl in running around in the backyard of the old house in the middle of the street. Except it isn't a yard anymore; it's actually a perilous forest, and … Continue reading Sticks in the Yard

When Your Imagination Surprises You What do you do when your imagination surprises you? Today I was browsing my wordpress feed, looking for inspiration for flash fiction (which I haven't written in a while), and for some reason, my imagination's response to every prompt was to conjure up something unexpectedly dark and a bit alarming. Anyone who knows me … Continue reading When Your Imagination Surprises You

World Goth Day

Photo by Marko Blažević on Unsplash I had no idea that May 22 was World Goth Day until I read a post about it. I thought it would be fun to do a list of the cliches I embrace (and in many cases, don't embrace). Though I have long since passed the teenage Goth phase, I still retain … Continue reading World Goth Day

My Return and a New Goal

Well, friends. Last week I was absent from blogging because I had a deadline on Sunday evening, and I was working to finish editing the four stories I intended to send in. One of them was fresh, and the other three consisted of half-stories I had started and wanted to finish. The deadline definitely helped. … Continue reading My Return and a New Goal

Some Words on My Creative Process

Years ago, I told one of my college roommates about the creature churning inside my head. I was talking about what it’s like to feel an idea coiling up from the depths of my brain, ready to burst forth by means of my pen or fingers on the keyboard. She looked at me like I … Continue reading Some Words on My Creative Process