Short Poem for Quadrille #98: Peel

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels. Inspired by dVerse's prompt Quadrille #98.   Her skin is peeling away. It won’t stay   Patched into a haphazard face; In the space   Between fingers corrodes the skin, Worn too thin,   Exposing minute veins of red Among the dead.   Her mortal landscape splits and frays As the worn-out … Continue reading Short Poem for Quadrille #98: Peel

Serpent’s Tail Poem: my first attempt at it

Photo by NASA on Unsplash. Inspired by the Sunday Whirl #443 and Jane Dougherty's serpent's tail form. @Jane Dougherty, remember how weeks ago, I said I wanted to try your form? Well, here it is! I took a couple of liberties with it, based on how the poem was flowing.   Upon the currents of the air, Bare … Continue reading Serpent’s Tail Poem: my first attempt at it

Poem in the Style of Poe and Swinburne for Throwback Thursday #40

Photo by Austin Prock on Unsplash. As I indicated in the title of this post, the poem below was written in the style of Algernon Charles Swinburne, specifically his poem "The Garden of Proserpine" (which you can read here). Obviously I'm emulating Poe here as well. Oh, and I wrote this poem over ten years ago. I stood … Continue reading Poem in the Style of Poe and Swinburne for Throwback Thursday #40

And a new challenger appears: the sestina!

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels. I just got some encouraging feedback on a sestina I wrote a few years ago (posted on my site here) so I think I might try writing another one. I've tried writing in many different poetic forms (I used to read through encyclopedias of forms for fun) but the sestina is one … Continue reading And a new challenger appears: the sestina!

Poem: I Could Compare #writephoto   I could compare The rain to molten silver in the air,   The bleak Visage of day to a corpse’s cheek;   Portray the trees As withered hands about to seize   The life right out Of me. Instead I’ll shout   A poem on a page. The words turn quiet when the … Continue reading Poem: I Could Compare #writephoto

Poem: “I am not how you perceive”

Photo by Simon Buchou on Unsplash. Written for the Word of the Day Challenge and dVerse Poets' Pub.   I am not how you perceive. If you find me as I wake, you will see I am made of aether undulating upward to the sky: fog over a lake-bed at dawn. The fog and I slip past you; … Continue reading Poem: “I am not how you perceive”

Object Poem #WednesdayWritingPrompt

Written for   I keep your life together In the tiniest of ways; Unnoticed I continue, ‘til I snap and flee one day—   And then you miss me human, then! My trailing threads betray How hard I fastened life together In my own silent ways.   ~H    

Throwback Thursday #26–Poem: Night Fold

Photo by Spencer Arquimedes on Unsplash For today's Throwback Thursday piece, I have a poem that I wrote ten years ago. Some of my most inspired writing happens late at night when I can't sleep, and this poem was no exception. I was lying awake at 2 AM, listening to the wind lashing the house (our house at … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #26–Poem: Night Fold

Throwback Thursday #12

Today I'm posting some poetry I wrote almost nine years ago. At the time I was kind of obsessed with the poetry of Algernon Charles Swinburne and tried to mimic his style in a lot of the poetry I wrote. The poem below is no exception. (You can read the specific poem I was emulating … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #12

Throwback Thursday #11

A little late, but oh well...Here's a poem I wrote ten years ago. The form is a rondel, which you can read about here. *** If I beyond the earth could leap And snare the planets from their way And give them to my love to keep My hear fore'er, lest mind do fray,   … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #11