The Five Children, Part 2

You can read the first part of this story here. The five children were hungry. Oliver was threatening to scream for what might have been the fiftieth time, Victor’s teeth had somehow grown even pointer, and Emil’s eyes kept flashing a peculiar shade of yellow, one that was definitely not human. “We have to do … Continue reading The Five Children, Part 2

A Discovery in the Snow, Part II

Photo by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash Four days ago I posted part I of this story. You can read it here: Prompt: As he followed Florence into the house, Abel focused on the bird’s faint heartbeat. His own heart thudded with anticipation of what Cassandra might see. Abel’s hunches were rarely wrong. He had spent enough time with…

A Discovery in the Snow

Photo by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash Written for this prompt and this prompt. Florence noticed the dead bird first. She flapped toward the small heap of feathers, eager hand outstretched. “Look! What happened to it?” Abel slapped her hand away and crouched, coat spreading over the snow as if it were wings itself. He squinted and frowned. It was about the … Continue reading A Discovery in the Snow