Story for Throwback Thursday #39

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash. I wrote this story almost nine years ago for a class on children's literature. This story was inspired by an exercise we did, involving sets of cards with characters, locations, and objects. I was a freshman in college then and didn't know what kind of thing I wanted to write or how to … Continue reading Story for Throwback Thursday #39

Wordle 411–Flash Fiction: In the Depths of the Lake

Photo by Mike Yukhtenko on Unsplash. Written for bwarren's Wordle 411. The water coursed cold and unwelcoming at my waist, like an unsmiling mother embracing a child out of necessity, and I prayed I had come far enough to find him. I did not know the exact right spot, but from what I had been told, the body … Continue reading Wordle 411–Flash Fiction: In the Depths of the Lake

Throwback Thursday #28–Short Story: An Excess of Eggs

Photo by Marcus Cramer on Unsplash. An Excess of Eggs In which a youngish failure of a wizard and a runaway get into all sorts of scrapes. Being a wizard had it perks, but cooking wasn’t among them. No matter how hard the wizard tried to produce something edible, all he ever came up with by way of … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #28–Short Story: An Excess of Eggs

Throwback Thursday #24–The Wizard’s Bride

I was flipping through an old notebook of mine yesterday and came across this bit of story, which I thought I would share for Throwback Thursday. This was written on the 27th of March 2011. Once upon a time, there was a wizard who fell in love with the beautiful daughter of a rich family … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #24–The Wizard’s Bride

A Discovery in the Snow, Part III

Photo by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash I realize it's been over a month since I last posted, but I hope to post more frequently beginning today. For starters, here's the next installment of my multiple-part story "A Discovery in the Snow." Part of the idea for this story comes from this prompt. You can read the previous installments … Continue reading A Discovery in the Snow, Part III

A Discovery in the Snow, Part II

Photo by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash Four days ago I posted part I of this story. You can read it here: Prompt: As he followed Florence into the house, Abel focused on the bird’s faint heartbeat. His own heart thudded with anticipation of what Cassandra might see. Abel’s hunches were rarely wrong. He had spent enough time with…

Throwback Thursday #13

I'm a little late with this post because yesterday turned out to be a full day, but here I am now. The following story is one I wrote over five years ago, while taking a class in which I got very bored and fidgety. This story just sort of happened without a lot of thought, … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #13

The Strangeness of Aunt Minky

(This entry is related to this one, in case you didn't know.) Something is wrong with Aunt Minky. She has not been anything like her normal self. I know for a fact that she talks to herself when she thinks no one is listening. I just heard her in the library, muttering. And she has … Continue reading The Strangeness of Aunt Minky