Teen Wolf Fanfiction for Throwback Thursday #38

Photo by Neil Rosenstech on Unsplash. Yes, I said Teen Wolf fanfiction. I had a phase, more recently that I care to admit, where I binge-watched the show and started a fanfiction about it. I was planning to turn it into a Gothic novel parody, in which each of the characters embodied some sort of Gothic archetype: the … Continue reading Teen Wolf Fanfiction for Throwback Thursday #38

When Your Imagination Surprises You

https://sundaywhirl.wordpress.com/2018/10/07/wordle-372/ What do you do when your imagination surprises you? Today I was browsing my wordpress feed, looking for inspiration for flash fiction (which I haven't written in a while), and for some reason, my imagination's response to every prompt was to conjure up something unexpectedly dark and a bit alarming. Anyone who knows me … Continue reading When Your Imagination Surprises You

Recent Artworks

It's been a long time since I posted my artwork here. That's because I've been lazy and only today got around to scanning and editing the things I've finished in the past two months. Here are five of my most recent pieces with their titles. I would be happy to consider print requests of any … Continue reading Recent Artworks

Throwback Thursday #8

Today's Throwback Thursday story is a parody of Gothic fiction and one that I had a great time writing. I laughed aloud by myself as the words poured onto the page one summer evening. *** Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash The night had grown darker with the rain; and a young man named Bastien … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #8

My Peanut Journey and Throwback Thursday

Photo by Markus Spiske freeforcommercialuse.net from Pexels I love peanuts. I never thought I would intentionally eat peanuts out of the container, but yesterday I did just that. My sister in-law bought a large thing of honey roasted peanuts, which I had never had, and now I'm addicted. She also bought a bag of peanut … Continue reading My Peanut Journey and Throwback Thursday

In a Ruin by the Ocean…(Throwback Thursday)

The title of today's post is the first line of my Throwback Thursday poem. I wrote the following lines in August of 2009 (I'm not sure what day) but basically, it's been eight and a half years since then. As you can probably tell, I was trying to emulate Edgar Allan Poe. He was one … Continue reading In a Ruin by the Ocean…(Throwback Thursday)