Throwback Thursday #19

I just now realized that it's been two months since I posted here. A lot has happened in the intervening time--I have a nice new job, for one thing--but my focus tonight is to get back into blogging. I miss blogging. It's a good, no, great way for me to write daily and to learn … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #19

The Witch’s House (FFfAW)

Photo credit Goroyboy The two children, shivering slightly in the damp cold of late November, stood on the front steps and watched the door. “Just go up and knock,” the girl whispered to her brother. “No!” he fretted in a whisper. “It’s not safe! She’s a witch!” “They say she’s a witch,” she … Continue reading The Witch’s House (FFfAW)

The Other Side (FFfAW Challenge)

Photo credit: Enisa The creek's constant, coursing vigor surprised us both. On its other side loomed the unknown. It seemed to breathe at us, and we hesitated in the cold, rushing water. "I don't think we should cross," I said, scrambling up the small embankment to squelch back into my sneakers. Goosebumps covered my skin. I … Continue reading The Other Side (FFfAW Challenge)

The Prince’s Banishment (FFfAW Challenge)

Photo credit: Yinglan FFfAW Challenge The hollow perfectly fit Terragon's weak body. By moonset, nothing of him would remain. Death had been nipping at his wings since yesterday. He had barely outwitted that ravenous crow. And now, huddled in a hollow of the ground, he was ready to die. Out here, that was the way … Continue reading The Prince’s Banishment (FFfAW Challenge)

The Demon (FFfAW Challenge)

I had waited for this moment for weeks; but now, of course, I was paralyzed. Paralyzed with what, exactly? Dread, I decided. And fascination. "You can look. Just don't get too close." Allen stretched out his hand toward me. His fingers were curled around a fiercely glowing object about the size and shape of one … Continue reading The Demon (FFfAW Challenge)