Flash Fiction for Fandango’s Friday Flashback: Five Children

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash. I originally shared this piece of flash fiction on 27 July last year; it was inspired by an old news article about children who were given to a circus doctor after their parents could no longer care for them. I'm sharing this story again for Fandango's Friday Flashback. There were five of … Continue reading Flash Fiction for Fandango’s Friday Flashback: Five Children

Short Story for Fandango’s Friday Flashback: The Tale of Fithir and Eliandel

Sharing for Fandango's Friday Flashback! I originally shared this story on June 28, 2018 for Throwback Thursday.  Photo by Martin Jernberg on Unsplash. Today's snippet of story is a fragment I wrote during the holiday break leading into 2013. I had set myself the goal of writing at least 500 words every day, which had some interesting results. … Continue reading Short Story for Fandango’s Friday Flashback: The Tale of Fithir and Eliandel

Flash Fiction for Weekend Writing Prompt #133: Longevity

Photo by Aleksandar Cvetanovic on Unsplash. Written for Sammi Cox's Weekend Writing Prompt #133. 76 words The butler’s longevity grew more astonishing by the generation. When he transferred his servitude to the youngest Everleigh, stories of his wondrously long life stretched back as far as Colin’s fourth-great-grandfather. Colin was only twelve and didn’t care for history. He wanted … Continue reading Flash Fiction for Weekend Writing Prompt #133: Longevity

Throwback Thursday #28–Short Story: An Excess of Eggs

Photo by Marcus Cramer on Unsplash. An Excess of Eggs In which a youngish failure of a wizard and a runaway get into all sorts of scrapes. Being a wizard had it perks, but cooking wasn’t among them. No matter how hard the wizard tried to produce something edible, all he ever came up with by way of … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #28–Short Story: An Excess of Eggs

Throwback Thursday #27–Novel: The Crowspire Chronicles

Photo by Reuben Hustler on Unsplash. For today's Throwback Thursday post, I'm sharing the second chapter of a book I started working on, back in the fall of 2015. My then-boyfriend (now husband) and I came up with the seed of a story that I was going to turn into a novel, but then didn't. Here's the second … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #27–Novel: The Crowspire Chronicles

Throwback Thursday #24–The Wizard’s Bride

I was flipping through an old notebook of mine yesterday and came across this bit of story, which I thought I would share for Throwback Thursday. This was written on the 27th of March 2011. Once upon a time, there was a wizard who fell in love with the beautiful daughter of a rich family … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #24–The Wizard’s Bride

Throwback Thursday #23

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash Today's Throwback Thursday story is one I wrote about a year ago. I began with the idea that I would submit it to a contest, but I had difficulty figuring out what I wanted to write and thus didn't finish the story in time. I later finished it to submit to an … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #23

Into the Snow #whatpegmansaw

Prompt: https://whatpegmansaw.com/blog/ 100 words (I forgot that I could write up to 150 words) The force sucked Andrew through the circle of blue fire and into deep snow. He landed face-first. “Ppptthb!” he gasped, staggering to his feet and brushing snow off his cotton pajamas. Why hadn’t he worn something warmer to bed? And then … Continue reading Into the Snow #whatpegmansaw

Throwback Thursday #19

I just now realized that it's been two months since I posted here. A lot has happened in the intervening time--I have a nice new job, for one thing--but my focus tonight is to get back into blogging. I miss blogging. It's a good, no, great way for me to write daily and to learn … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #19

A Discovery in the Snow, Part III

Photo by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash I realize it's been over a month since I last posted, but I hope to post more frequently beginning today. For starters, here's the next installment of my multiple-part story "A Discovery in the Snow." Part of the idea for this story comes from this prompt. You can read the previous installments … Continue reading A Discovery in the Snow, Part III