Teen Wolf Fanfiction for Throwback Thursday #38

Photo by Neil Rosenstech on Unsplash. Yes, I said Teen Wolf fanfiction. I had a phase, more recently that I care to admit, where I binge-watched the show and started a fanfiction about it. I was planning to turn it into a Gothic novel parody, in which each of the characters embodied some sort of Gothic archetype: the … Continue reading Teen Wolf Fanfiction for Throwback Thursday #38

Fanfiction for Throwback Thursday #35

Photo by Leonardo Yip on Unsplash. Yes, I said "fanfiction." For today's Throwback Thursday story, I'm sharing a fanfiction piece I wrote years ago--I'm not even sure how many--based on characters from the anime/manga Soul Eater. Soul Eater was one of my favorite shows for a while, and I found myself often relating to Death the Kid. *** … Continue reading Fanfiction for Throwback Thursday #35

Riding the Bus on a Sunny Afternoon

Photo Credit: Anurag Bakhshi 200 words Delightfully sunny, that's what the bus driver had called it. Sunlight made her nauseated, and the blue sky--well, frankly it was painful to look at. Wednesday curled further into her window seat and brooded. What if she poisoned everyone? After all, she would rather ride in a hearse. The … Continue reading Riding the Bus on a Sunny Afternoon

Chapter 3

Photo by Lee Miller on Unsplash   “Right here,” said Nick, pointing, “this is where I woke up.” The tide had long since washed away the impression his body made, but he could still feel the sand in his mouth and the cold damp seeping into his thin clothes as he lay. The others looked … Continue reading Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Photo by Lee Miller on Unsplash The carpet smelled of dust. Nick buried the resulting sneeze in his borrowed sheet and sat up on the air mattress, gazing around into the dark. A shaft of moonlight cut through the gloom and illuminated the end of Levi’s bed, a small mountain range darker than the rest … Continue reading Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Photo by Lee Miller on Unsplash   Nick held his breath, watching the others, trying to read their faces. Enoch’s was a potent swirl of murderous intent and barely-masked terror. His fingers twitched, unable to keep still. He had been in the middle of putting on a particularly violent battle with his figurines. By now … Continue reading Chapter 1

Fanfiction, Writing, and Blankets, Oh My!

What should I post today? Well, for one thing, over the weekend I revisited a fanfiction I started writing months ago, based on the characters in the film version of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I've been thinking about the first two chapters I wrote way back when and couldn't seem to get the idea out … Continue reading Fanfiction, Writing, and Blankets, Oh My!