Flash Fiction for Throwback Thursday #37

Photo by Kamil Feczko on Unsplash. Today's Throwback Thursday story was written over five years ago and for some reason it came to my mind today. I'm presenting it without any editing, just as I wrote it down the first time. The room contained only three people, but the machines crowded them together. Artificial light reflected off their … Continue reading Flash Fiction for Throwback Thursday #37

Throwback Thursday #27–Novel: The Crowspire Chronicles

Photo by Reuben Hustler on Unsplash. For today's Throwback Thursday post, I'm sharing the second chapter of a book I started working on, back in the fall of 2015. My then-boyfriend (now husband) and I came up with the seed of a story that I was going to turn into a novel, but then didn't. Here's the second … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #27–Novel: The Crowspire Chronicles