The Usual Writer Person Is Out Today

Dear readers, As you can surmise from the title, which I tried to make as straightforward as possible, the usual writer person has asked me to take over for her, just this once, in order to give her a break. I don’t trust writers because they tend to mess up the stories they’re telling, but … Continue reading The Usual Writer Person Is Out Today

The Strangeness of Aunt Minky

(This entry is related to this one, in case you didn't know.) Something is wrong with Aunt Minky. She has not been anything like her normal self. I know for a fact that she talks to herself when she thinks no one is listening. I just heard her in the library, muttering. And she has … Continue reading The Strangeness of Aunt Minky

Accidental Magic (Wordle #190) My thirst for power has driven me to the do the unthinkable. At least, it is unthinkable in this world. In another world it would not be so much an anomaly. I fear that were people to discover my ability, they would not leave me alone again. I would wither under so much attention. … Continue reading Accidental Magic (Wordle #190)

Chapter 3

Photo by Lee Miller on Unsplash   “Right here,” said Nick, pointing, “this is where I woke up.” The tide had long since washed away the impression his body made, but he could still feel the sand in his mouth and the cold damp seeping into his thin clothes as he lay. The others looked … Continue reading Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Photo by Lee Miller on Unsplash The carpet smelled of dust. Nick buried the resulting sneeze in his borrowed sheet and sat up on the air mattress, gazing around into the dark. A shaft of moonlight cut through the gloom and illuminated the end of Levi’s bed, a small mountain range darker than the rest … Continue reading Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Photo by Lee Miller on Unsplash   Nick held his breath, watching the others, trying to read their faces. Enoch’s was a potent swirl of murderous intent and barely-masked terror. His fingers twitched, unable to keep still. He had been in the middle of putting on a particularly violent battle with his figurines. By now … Continue reading Chapter 1

The Dishboy’s Quest

Today's Throwback Thursday story is one that I started writing for my college writing group, way back in March of 2012. The prompt was "love," I think, and though this story doesn't fit the theme, once I started writing it I could hardly stop. It's not finished, but glancing over it again I remember how … Continue reading The Dishboy’s Quest

What Happened at Midnight

I first wrote this story over five years ago for a fiction writing class. It has remained mostly unvisited since then, until now. The clock announced midnight in a resounding voice, and one by the one the Stories ventured forth. Out of the dark cavern of the author’s mind they came, some hesitant, some bold, … Continue reading What Happened at Midnight

The Demon (FFfAW Challenge)

I had waited for this moment for weeks; but now, of course, I was paralyzed. Paralyzed with what, exactly? Dread, I decided. And fascination. "You can look. Just don't get too close." Allen stretched out his hand toward me. His fingers were curled around a fiercely glowing object about the size and shape of one … Continue reading The Demon (FFfAW Challenge)

The Mind-Dwellers

Written in response to The Daily Post's prompt "shock." (You can find the post here.) My first inclination, on seeing the writing prompt for today, was to write a short scene involving one or two, maybe three, of my original characters, people I treasure in secret because how can I share their existence with someone … Continue reading The Mind-Dwellers