Throwback Thursday #22

I often feel the need to write about the topic of the unpredictable imagination. My brain often surprises and even alarms me with the things it pulls out of itself, and it can be helpful to process my reaction through blogging about it. Today's Throwback Thursday post, written about a year ago, is an example. … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #22

Middle-of-the-Night Scaries #writephoto I have gone through a number of different ideas for today's post before alighting on the one I finally chose. While I love writing flash fiction, I've had a topic on my mind for the past few days and wanted to develop it further. So I'm going to do that here. Middle-of-the-night scaries. I … Continue reading Middle-of-the-Night Scaries #writephoto

Rough Times, for Me and My Characters

I haven't posted since last Thursday, because things have been rough. On the day of my last post, I started taking a higher dosage of my regular anxiety medication, which means that I'm even more scatterbrained than usual as my body adjusts. (Even the smallest differences in the dosage of that kind of medication can have notable … Continue reading Rough Times, for Me and My Characters

What Are You Reading Wednesday

First, a personal note: two nights ago I had an anxiety attack, the likes of which I haven't experienced in a long time. I could sense it coming. I could feel that it wasn't going to be fun. These attacks never are, of course, but sometimes they're worse than others. Tuesday night was one of those times. … Continue reading What Are You Reading Wednesday

I Just Want to Drink Tea, Make Things, and Sleep

Drawing is my natural state of being. And now, writing is too. Profuse thoughts of things to create, whether through words, yarn, or pencil, are always percolating in my mind. Oh, I think, as I sit at work not succeeding in my attempt to concentrate, I could practice drawing dogs! I could write the next … Continue reading I Just Want to Drink Tea, Make Things, and Sleep

Attack of the Anxiety Dementor

On Wednesday, as I trekked through the waves of people flowing toward the metro station, snow began to fall, snow that was more akin to sleet. That circumstance sparked the idea for today's post. I should say, it was not the sleet from which I derived inspiration, but from an exclamation I heard from a … Continue reading Attack of the Anxiety Dementor