3 Lessons on Writing from the Past Several Months

For the first time, probably in my life, I have actually begun to write out of habit. Granted, sometimes I have to take a break from writing, which I did over the holidays. But what really matters is that I've begun to write regularly. In the past I've challenged myself during the summer and over … Continue reading 3 Lessons on Writing from the Past Several Months

Story for Throwback Thursday #39

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash. I wrote this story almost nine years ago for a class on children's literature. This story was inspired by an exercise we did, involving sets of cards with characters, locations, and objects. I was a freshman in college then and didn't know what kind of thing I wanted to write or how to … Continue reading Story for Throwback Thursday #39

I Just Registered for Storystorm 2020!

Here we go! ~H

2019 in Review: Poetry, Stories, and Death

Photo by Danil Aksenov on Unsplash. Here we are. 2019 is ending and 2020 is about to begin. I am eating a baked potato and sitting at my desk, feeling tired and wondering what to write. I considered not writing an end-of-year post, but realized I would probably feel bad if I didn't. I didn't blog at all … Continue reading 2019 in Review: Poetry, Stories, and Death

Recent Artwork

Reblogging my own post today for Fandango’s Friday Flashback! I’ve been blogging for almost two years now but since I didn’t have a post to share from December 20th of last year, I’m sharing one from March 20th instead.


I realized that one of the topics I haven’t covered here on my blog is my love of art. Gasp! How could I forget to mention that?

To that end, today I’m posting three of my recent artworks. These are all done with mixed media, by which I mean some combination of permanent marker and pen with watercolor, brush pens, or colored markers. This style is one that I’ve been developing over the past four or five years at least, and one that is largely inspired by my need to doodle. Doodling helps me concentrate and provides relief from my anxiety. For a lot of the work I do, I derive inspiration from Zentangle patterns. Often I’ll start with a pattern and over time morph it into my own pattern, which then appears over and over in my drawings.

Here are three of my pieces, titled “Twilight Bloom,” “Enchanted Jewels,”…

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On My Inability to Write and Dealing with Grief–Wordle 434

Wordle 434. The stream of glittery ideas, smooth and elusive like fish, seems to have dried up. It's not my fault. The past couple of weeks have been extremely difficult for a few reasons and I haven't had the energy or the mind-space to write as I usually do. I've been shuffling along from day … Continue reading On My Inability to Write and Dealing with Grief–Wordle 434

Wordle from Matthew Arnold’s Poem Dover Beach

I created this Wordle to take part in Mindlovemisery's Bonus Wordle challenge. The words are generated from Matthew Arnold's famous poem "Dover Beach," which you can read here. Maybe I'll find some inspiration through this exercise.   ~H

Teen Wolf Fanfiction for Throwback Thursday #38

Photo by Neil Rosenstech on Unsplash. Yes, I said Teen Wolf fanfiction. I had a phase, more recently that I care to admit, where I binge-watched the show and started a fanfiction about it. I was planning to turn it into a Gothic novel parody, in which each of the characters embodied some sort of Gothic archetype: the … Continue reading Teen Wolf Fanfiction for Throwback Thursday #38

Flash Fiction: The Ghost Cow

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels. Written for DVerse Poets' Prosery #7. Based on a true story. 144 words A cow is screaming across the arroyo as the four of us lie among the graves. We’re scarved and swaddled against the cold, but my toes are growing numb. I imagine us stacked on top of the other bodies, my … Continue reading Flash Fiction: The Ghost Cow

Throwback Thursday #18

Reblogging this post today for Fandango’s Friday Flashback! https://fivedotoh.com/2019/12/06/fandangos-friday-flashback-december-6/


Here’s a poem I wrote about five years ago. At the time I had an assignment to write for a class, and had absolutely no inspiration. No inspiration for anything I thought was good, anyway. I penned the following poem in the midst of my frustration that night.


The Page’s Epitaph

This paper waits; the moment holds

Its breath for the bright words to come,

But nothing brilliant there unfolds—

The silence still is waiting dumb

For lines to flow forth from the pen.

Words, words! the barren paper screams!

Uninspiration like a fen

Of fog and swampy darkness seems—

I am unloved! bursts forth the gasp

From out the page’s snowy deep.

No words unfurl within my grasp—

My fickle muse seems dead asleep.

And so with utter grief I bear

The sad news of this tragedy:

The blank page died for want of words.

This is its…

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