Fanfiction for Throwback Thursday #35

Photo by Leonardo Yip on Unsplash.

Yes, I said “fanfiction.” For today’s Throwback Thursday story, I’m sharing a fanfiction piece I wrote years ago–I’m not even sure how many–based on characters from the anime/manga Soul Eater. Soul Eater was one of my favorite shows for a while, and I found myself often relating to Death the Kid.


My pencil broke on the last stroke of the d. I threw it down and fumed. Damn it! Another ripped page! Another broken pencil! I pick it up as gingerly as I could and put it in my pocket. I would add it to my container of broken things later. One a week in the evening I had a pencil-burning ritual, in which I made a perfect pyre and burned all the awful things to ashes.

I still had the ripped paper to deal with. The sight of it made me want to be sick. I gritted my teeth and folded it up, hiding the ripped side. I knew without looking that Liz was rolling her eyes at me. She does that a lot. It annoys me, but I ignore it, because I can’t help it that I’m always right. Imperfections are a blight on humanity! They must be obliterated!

“Kid, people are noticing you!” she hissed. I knew that. I turned slightly toward her, carefully sliding the folded paper into my jacket.

“Well, what am I supposed to do with this thing?” I hissed back. “It’s ruined! You know that ruined things make me ill!” I realized at that moment how neglectful I’d been. No more paper. No more pencils. Nothing to write with at all. And we still had an hour of class. I’d be stuck looking at Blackstar’s uncombed hair. The way he had that cowlick in the back drove me insane. Of course, I wasn’t one to talk, with my uneven stripes. But at least I combed my hair!

Patty had crayons. That was something. Crayons. Then I noticed that all of them had dull tips and peeling paper. Horrors. Enough horrors to force my eyes back to the twerp’s head. I sighed and buried my head in my arms. Deep even breaths in the close blackness did a little for my nerves. Not much, though.

Dr. Stein’s voice droned on. I tried to think of soothing things. Books arranged in a perfect line, organized by color and size and shape; perfectly sharpened pencils; symmetrical stripes in my hair. Actually, maybe that last one wasn’t a good picture to dwell on. It reminded me how asymmetrical I was. I could barely contain the groan that escaped me. Maybe I should just die

I didn’t realize I’d been asleep until Liz shook me.

“Kid! Wake up!”

I opened my eyes. Class was over and nearly all the seats were empty. A surge of dread washed over me. You’re probably wondering why, and I probably didn’t yet explain the reason for all my nerves. This afternoon—in a few minutes—we were supposed to be trying the soul resonance thing for the first time. The first time. Me and Liz and Patty and Blackstar and Tsubaki and Maka and Soul. Don’t get me wrong: I knew I could do the resonance deal. But attempting it for the first time with that bunch? No. Just no.

Nothing for it. I had to be there. Crossing my arms over my jacket I stalked down the center aisle. Liz and Patty followed. Or rather, Liz followed and Patty bounced.

“Just do what I tell you and don’t interrupt me,” I growled as we left the classroom.

“You got it, Kid!” Patty chirped.

Silly girl. Always so cheerful. I squinted against the bright sunlight as we made our way outside.





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