The sestina I said I would write


Two posts ago I set the goal of writing a sestina. Well, I’m happy to say I wrote one! This might seem like a silly victory, but I’m proud of myself for writing even though I haven’t had the motivation lately to do so.

But not only did I write the poem I said I would write, it also turned out much better than I expected. So much better, in fact, that instead of posting it here as I originally planned I now plan to submit it to a journal or contest.

That said, I still want to share part of it, because credit must be given to RDP Wednesday for the inspiration. Here is a selection from my poem:

But, friend, I keep you in a cranny soft as down

Upon this shelf, where I ease your memory

To the edge, as one eases a book’s worn face,

Pulling past pages forward with wary fingers,

Anxious not to cause a casualty of the catalog;

And you slide into my waiting hands’ hollow room.


So here’s to forcing oneself to write. 🙂


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