Throwback Thursday #27–Novel: The Crowspire Chronicles

Photo by Reuben Hustler on Unsplash. For today's Throwback Thursday post, I'm sharing the second chapter of a book I started working on, back in the fall of 2015. My then-boyfriend (now husband) and I came up with the seed of a story that I was going to turn into a novel, but then didn't. Here's the second … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #27–Novel: The Crowspire Chronicles

Poem: “I am not how you perceive”

Photo by Simon Buchou on Unsplash. Written for the Word of the Day Challenge and dVerse Poets' Pub.   I am not how you perceive. If you find me as I wake, you will see I am made of aether undulating upward to the sky: fog over a lake-bed at dawn. The fog and I slip past you; … Continue reading Poem: “I am not how you perceive”

The Ghost Photographer #HWDP

Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay. Written for the Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompt. You’re probably wondering why I’m here in your house. Well, let me introduce myself first. Then I’ll do what I came here to do. I photograph ghosts, all kinds of them. I’m the youngest person in the Society to have this job. People don’t envy me, … Continue reading The Ghost Photographer #HWDP

Poem: Song for the Enchanted

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash. After John Donne.   Find a star and of it eat, Bind the entity within; Write the wanderings of thy feet And tell of sanity worn thin; Whisper where thy heart is hidden, Spent of light, with fetters ridden, And I With thee E’en in despair’s dark bowels will be.   Stalwart … Continue reading Poem: Song for the Enchanted

Object Poem #WednesdayWritingPrompt

Written for   I keep your life together In the tiniest of ways; Unnoticed I continue, ‘til I snap and flee one day—   And then you miss me human, then! My trailing threads betray How hard I fastened life together In my own silent ways.   ~H    

Throwback Thursday #26–Poem: Night Fold

Photo by Spencer Arquimedes on Unsplash For today's Throwback Thursday piece, I have a poem that I wrote ten years ago. Some of my most inspired writing happens late at night when I can't sleep, and this poem was no exception. I was lying awake at 2 AM, listening to the wind lashing the house (our house at … Continue reading Throwback Thursday #26–Poem: Night Fold

Blooming Toward Death–A Poem

A quadrille What makes a flower beautiful: Mortality within each bloom. Decay sets in at the first peeling-back Of green birth clothes from the new bud, Wet with the dew of morning. And yet The flower, blooming toward death, Opens its bright heart to the world. Written for ~H