Throwback Thursday #19

I just now realized that it’s been two months since I posted here. A lot has happened in the intervening time–I have a nice new job, for one thing–but my focus tonight is to get back into blogging. I miss blogging. It’s a good, no, great way for me to write daily and to learn not to cling too closely to the stories in my head. (My head is a fortress of stories and characters waiting to be freed onto the page.) Since I haven’t written here in a while –I haven’t written anything in a while, to be honest– my first post of getting back into the swing of things will be another Throwback Thursday piece. I realized while preparing this post that I started my blog just over a year ago. Now I get to look back on the early days of my flash fiction writing and re-share some of it.


Photo credit: Yinglan

FFfAW Challenge

The hollow perfectly fit Terragon’s weak body. By moonset, nothing of him would remain. Death had been nipping at his wings since yesterday. He had barely outwitted that ravenous crow. And now, huddled in a hollow of the ground, he was ready to die.

Out here, that was the way of things. Nothing could live in such desolation, nothing except crows, shadows, and the odd deformed tree. Certainly not him. He had lost hope eons ago. Was it eons? Time didn’t matter now. Nothing did.

His wings fluttered once, then lay limp.

“Your highness!”

A voice. Impossible. Terragon drew a final breath.

“Highness, please! Wake!”

Words. How long had he starved for words, alone in his banishment? He breathed again and with his last strength forced his leaden eyes to open.

A stranger’s face greeted him, yet it was a face similar to his own. His own kind, not a raven, not a shadow-being, but a fae.

“Highness,” whispered the stranger, “you must live. I have found a way for you to return.”

Words: 173

So there you go! Thanks for reading, and there will be more to come.


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