Throwback Thursday #17

I haven’t done a Throwback Thursday post in a while…

Here’s a poem I wrote in the fall of 2013, in the style of Emily Dickinson.


I much prefer my dish of death

Straightforward on the plate—

Overt and undisguised, for here

No masquerades are played—


I much prefer it clear and cold,

Possessor of a mood

Resembling winter—undefiled

And innocent of blood—


I’d rather it came quietly,

The waiter courteous, mute—

My table square and orderly—

But none within the booth—


Myself—the only one to taste

Strange sweetness, bitter broth—

The moment compassed in the spoon—

The lamplight sinking soft.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. crimsonprose says:

    More than liked. Really liked.


  2. I can definitely detect the Dickinson inspirations in this! Nice job!


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