Two Poems for Throwback Thursday

Today’s Throwback Thursday post consists of two poems I wrote in the winter of 2009. At that time, I wrote in a notebook every day and read three poems before going to bed every night. The result was I wrote lots of poems, most of which have never been read by anyone but me. Here are two of the ones I liked best.


The day has left with sighing

With golden sighs and flares;

The wind ‘cross fields is flying

And Moon’s bright pearl bears–

Bear upward, windy horses

Bear slow on unknown courses

This Lady, roused from sources

Existent without cares:


And with her, gently rising

My spirit also goes

From day so agonizing

To calm in night’s deep flows

I passed the hours, seeing

Through fog of my whole being;

But now the four winds, fleeing

Dispel my foggy throes:


Arise, my soul and lady

Now we are both alone

From places dreamed and shady

To rest on bed and throne

I know now: it was merely

Myself–I know it–merely;

I see the day more clearly

More brightly, now it’s done.


An empty chair now haunts this quiet room

Where floating curtains whisper through the gloom

Of an astringent tale that I well know;

The weak and lonely warmth of candles’ glow

Vermillion cloth in wrinkles does illume.


The wind outside the casement rants and fumes;

Within the memories rise in coil and plume,

And I sit gazing on the silent foe:

An empty chair.

Forever will its haunting tale consume

The mind and soul in breath of darkened brume;

And where the curtains billow to and fro,

There will I pen the words of this rondeau

And look upon a figure in the gloom:

An empty chair.







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