A Bother of Wings



339 words

“Just relax. You’ll be fine!” Penny called. She raced around the garage, her little legs scrambling with anxiety, faster and faster.

“I’m better than fine! This is amazing!” Oliver shouted back from near the ceiling, then careened into a stack of empty cardboard boxes. He bounced to the ground and looked stunned. Penny raced over and frantically nosed his face. Was he okay? Was he? Was he?

“Grr, Penny, get off! I’m fine. See?” He shook himself and grinned at her. His fur was sticking up on end and he had a packing peanut stuck to his head.

“This would happen while the humans are out, wouldn’t it?” Penny started pacing again, not as fast, but just as anxiously. Oliver sighed and scratched off the pesky peanut. “You had to go and eat that magic cheese. I told you not to! And look what happened!” She glared at him. Or rather, at his back.

A pair of silky wings, the same copper hue that ran along his spine, sprouted from just above his shoulder tufts.

“Well, I didn’t eat all the magic cheese. You could have some,” said Oliver generously. “Then we could both have wings!”

The two corgis looked at each other. Oliver’s wings drooped a little.

“I guess the humans won’t be happy. I’d better hide the rest of the cheese.” The tell-tale wrapping lay discarded and chewed in the corner near the bicycles. Oliver scooched along the floor and grabbed it, then wriggled backward. “So yummy!”

The door to the kitchen opened. The dogs froze. So did the humans who were looking down at them. Their eyes widened as they saw Oliver and his beautiful, strange wings.

The woman turned to her husband. “I told you we should have hidden the cheese in a safer place!” she whispered, glancing fearfully at Oliver. “Now what are we going to do?”

The man hemmed and hawed and tried not to look proud. “Well…I suppose we should first un-wing the dog. Now where did I put my wand…”




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