Stitchin’ Saturday #2

In case you missed the first Stitchin’ Saturday post, I’ve started doing this theme every Saturday (at least, that’s my plan, but it doesn’t always happen), thanks to the lovely Blinking Cat.

2018-03-24 16.14.54.jpg

Pieces Finished

None, unfortunately, but I’m about to finish one. The baby blanket pictured above in the right corner just needs its ends tucked in. I’ve sort of been putting that off, because I had to take the whole blanket apart after I discovered one of my squares had a hole in it. So now I’m not excited about it any more. 😦

2018-03-24 16.15.20

Pieces in Progress

The two projects featured in the second photo are a baby blanket (on the left) and a shawl (on the right). The shawl is basically a practice piece, since it’s a totally new pattern for me and I wanted to try it out before I make a shawl for someone else. And the baby blanket–well, I just like making them. 🙂

Pieces About to Begin

None at the moment. I need to finish some before I start new projects. I’m sure you crochet people know that dilemma. Ooh, look, yarn! I could make a new thing! But wait, I can’t just abandon my current blanket/sweater/whatever. What do I do? You know what I mean.

That’s it for today. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


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