In a Ruin by the Ocean…(Throwback Thursday)

The title of today’s post is the first line of my Throwback Thursday poem. I wrote the following lines in August of 2009 (I’m not sure what day) but basically, it’s been eight and a half years since then. As you can probably tell, I was trying to emulate Edgar Allan Poe. He was one of my favorite poets back then, but isn’t as much now.


In a ruin by the ocean

Lies a lady still and pale

Where the sea–an ancient potion–

Roils darkly on the shale

By the realms of shark and whale

Where the fog is never lifting

And the winds are drifting, drifting

Cold and bare

Blowing sand in plumes and whirls

Through the air

While the dark clouds loom and curl

Past the edges of the water

As each breaker falls and swells

Where these wizard winds have caught her

In their spells

There she slumbers in that ruin

In that strange deserted ruin

Sleeps like death within her chamber

Endless sands are glistening amber

Neath the castle’s rotting spires

And the sun glows like an ember

With a weakened violet fire

On her face

Casting colors of December

O’er her face

Oh my love! She lies enchanted

In that room so subtly haunted

Where the storms have raved and ranted

In sorcery’s embrace

Where the seabirds shrieking, crying

On the wild winds are flying

Ghostly watchmen of an evil

Ruling where she lies

Whose king, a sea-born devil

From the abyss did rise…


~H (at least, her 18-year-old self)

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