Monday Grumblings and Updates

I think Mondays should be banned. Especially grey Mondays where you wake up to unusual darkness, the kind that tricks your body into thinking it’s 6:30 AM, not 8 AM. I  already struggle daily with unearthing myself from the warm, soft layers of my bed. The greyness doesn’t help a bit. But at least there’s coffee. I’ve had to cut back on coffee quite a lot since college, when I could drink two cups of French press a day. Caffeine has deleterious effects on my anxiety, but once in a while, like today, a cup of the life-giving elixir is necessary. Today’s cup is espresso vanilla. Yum.

Anyway, here are a few random things.

Lately, I’ve been in a bad mood. The reason? The atmosphere of the city. It stifles me. Every nerve in my body seems to call out for some sort of release from the smothering, lifeless masses. I know I just wrote about this topic a few days ago, but writing about it helps me process the emotions that I might not otherwise find the words to describe. I wish I had more time to write fiction, to paint paintings, to explore all the creative recesses that demand discovery. At least I can sneak in some blogging and crochet work here and there. To be honest, I’m surprised and pleased at how much I enjoy maintaining this blog.

Storystorm 2018 is drawing to a close, and I have 28 new ideas. While it was a challenge to catch up after starting late, it was a challenge I definitely appreciated, and will continue to appreciate into the coming months as I explore some of the ideas on my list. I know for a fact that one of the ideas sparked another idea which I may turn into a collection of short stories. Without Storystorm, I would never have thought of it. I highly recommend this fantastic writing exercise.

If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know that I’ve been doing crochet projects for people. Here’s what’s on the hooks:

  1. Baby blanket in shades of blue, done in a solid granny square pattern as one large square. Approx. 34×34 inches. (This one is almost finished.)
  2. Baby blanket in pastel blue, pastel green, and white, made of solid granny squares with light blue edging. Approx. 34×34 inches.

A friend of mine has requested a shawl and a scarf, so I hope to start on those soon.

That’s all for now. Just some grumblings and updates. And one last question, for my readers: is Gothic fantasy a thing? If it’s not, I want to make it a thing.





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